How to Choose and Design a Professional WordPress Theme

Many WordPress users want to brand themselves, their ideas, or their products in a professional manner. To do this, it is necessary to choose and design a professional WordPress theme.

There are a great number of WordPress themes available, but how can you be sure that the theme you’ve chosen is professional? When selecting a WordPress theme for professional use, look carefully at the color scheme. Also, pay attention to the layout of the theme and think about how your content will fit in the theme.

When designing/editing information in the theme, ensure you are choosing appropriate advertisements. Finally, ensure the content you are writing is extremely well-written and free of any grammar and spelling errors.


Choosing a Professional WordPress Theme

1. Color Scheme

If you want to Communicate through your WordPress Theme or you want your WordPress theme to look completely professional, then you’ll have to have a deeper understanding of color. For example, you will want to look at the contrast in the theme. Some colors contrast well with other colors, while some colors just clash with one another. A common example of colors that clash is pink and red. If you choose a WordPress theme that makes use of both of these colors in large amounts, you will end up distracting people who visit your WordPress site and you will look unprofessional.

However, it is actually possible to use contrast to your advantage. Have a look at Cisco’s website down below. Do you notice the contrast between the black and white? Note that, from a professional standpoint, it is generally better to use more white than black when creating a black-white contrast (Cisco did this).

Cisco Screenshot


On Cisco’s website, you also may have noticed how the blue and black balance with one another. When choosing a professional WordPress theme, you will want to find one that makes good use of colors that balance. Contrast is good, but it is possible to have contrast and have balance all in the same theme.

Color scheme on your WordPress theme matters because your site visitors will subconsciously judge your website based on your use of color. With more contrast and superior use of balanced colors, you will create a professional image.

2. Layout of the Theme

The layout of the theme is something else you should pay attention to when you are choosing a professional WordPress theme. The most important question you can ask is “Can I see my content fitting in this theme?” Perhaps you have a lot of textual content, but you found an attractive theme with a lot of image space. If this is the case, you will likely be better off choosing another theme. Remember that, while the visual appeal of a theme is important, the professional users who visit your site will be looking for informative content. If all they find is nice-looking images, they may look elsewhere for professional services.

There isn’t anything wrong with an image-based WordPress site; some have been very successful. The theme you choose will just depend on whether your content is better represented by image or text.

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Designing a Professional WordPress Theme

Choose Professional Advertisements

Once you’ve selected a WordPress theme that has an ideal color scheme and an appropriate layout for your content, you must make some design decisions for the theme. One of the most crucial design decisions pertains to the kinds of advertisements you decide to run.

According to MonetizeMore, Google’s AdSense program gives you some discretion when it comes to your advertisements. Remember, if you’re running any type of ads besides WordAds, your WordPress site will need to be self-hosted. Don’t shy away from WordAds, though. They also give you some decisions when it comes to which types of ads you want, according to the WordAds FAQ page.

Regardless of which platform you’re using to run ads, there are some things to keep in mind that are specific to professional WordPress themes.

First, you need to deeply understand your target market. “What types of products and services do my site visitors need to have?” is a great question to ask when deciding on what types of products or services you should be selling.

A better question to ask (when deciding on what kinds of advertisements to run) is “What types of products and services are related to my products and services? And which of these related products and services would my site visitors see as most necessary?” This doesn’t even have to be a specific product or service; it could just be a category.

Perhaps you’re selling virtual reality headsets, but not virtual reality games. Go into the settings of your ads program and make sure you are displaying ads for “video games.” If site visitors see ads that are appropriate for their interests, they will view your site as more professional (advertisements are a reflection of the website they are on).

Have Well-written Content

Image result for pen

Photo by / Antonio Litterio / CC BY (Attribution required per

This point may seem somewhat obvious, but did you know that some major news outlets have even published stories with spelling and grammar errors? For a professional website, you need to go beyond a basic spelling and grammar check.

You need to ensure your tone is suitable for your product/ service and audience. Think about the tones of different content you’ve read on the web. Do you remember reading something that had a funny or witty tone? It probably wasn’t trying to sell you on a professional product or service, although there is definitely room for funny and witty on the web.

We recommend that you use an authoritative, yet conversational tone in the content you publish on your professional WordPress theme. There’s nothing wrong with asking questions; it keeps people engaged and shows that you can relate to your professional site visitors. Just remember that it’s equally important to know the answer to the questions you ask, or at least be able to provide a convincing argument for both sides.

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