What can you Communicate through your WordPress Theme

WordPress themes are great;  they allow you to easily design an attractive website. Many people are aware of this, but what people seldom think about is that these themes also convey a message about your website and your product. Themes commonly convey a message through their design. Is the theme text-centered or image-centered? What colors are used in the theme and what do the colors mean?


Text-Centered vs. Image-Centered Design


What Should Website Patrons be Looking At on a WordPress Theme?

Let’s take a look at what each of these of these design methods is and what they say about a theme. A text-centered design is one in which there is a heavy presence of text on the page and few or no images. For a quick example, see this Neo Trendy theme. In this example, there is text on the top, sides, and all throughout the page. There are a few images, though.

neo trendy

An image-centered design, on the other hand, draws a person’s attention to the visuals on the website. Take a look at this¬†Twenty Seventeen theme, and think about how it contrasts with the one above.

twenty seventeen

We won’t spend too much time explaining the differences between the two themes, as the differences are fairly obvious. What’s less obvious is what the differences mean. In the first example theme (text-centered), the layout of the theme means, for one, that the information contained in the text is the most important part of the website. Some websites, especially those that sell attractive products, use their website to nudge visitors toward the images. With text-centered themes, this is not the case at all. The web designer who creates a text-centered webpage intends for website visitors to read through the text in order to acquire the important information.

With a theme that is image-centered, the web designer is trying to convey the message that the image, not the text, is what the people visiting the site should focus on. Take photography websites, for example. Do you think they would be text-centered or image-centered? If you guessed image-centered, you’re right. Photographers need to convey the message that their photography is worth looking at. In fact, this website refers to a photography website as a “virtual storefront.

Next time you look at a WordPress website, or any website, ask yourself if the layout is text-centered or image-centered. By answering this question, you will know what you should be paying attention to on the site.


Modern vs. Old-fashioned

Besides telling users what to pay attention to, the design of a theme on a website (text-centered or image-centered) can tell the user if the company and product are trying to give off a modern feel or an old-fashioned feel. According to Modgility, image-centered websites are more modern. Take the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset, for example. This is an extremely cutting-edge and modern piece of technology. Have a look at the kind of website Oculus uses. You’ll find that the images dominate the website, and this isn’t a bad thing for their purposes.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to convey an old-fashioned message. Take a look at this woodworking website and contrast it with the Oculus Rift website. You will definitely find that the woodworker website is more basic, and it may even remind you of a simpler time.


The choice to make a website give off a modern feel or an old-fashioned feel all depends on the type of theme you choose to use in WordPress. In other words, if you want to be more on the modern side, according to the sources and examples in this section, you should opt for an image-centered theme. If you want to give off an old-fashioned vibe, select a text-centered theme.




What do Colors Mean?

Let’s first take a look at what some commonly used colors mean. Think back to the last time you visited a professional’s website; what colors did you see? You may have seen some gray, as this color represents formality according to BournCreative. Maybe you saw blue when you were on a creative website, as blue can symbolize inspiration. Take a look at Mantle Theme and think about what it means. Do you feel inspired by the open road, blue sky, and other use of blue? You might.

mantle theme

Now that we know something about what colors mean, you may be wondering what sort of message colors convey in themes. The type of message that a color conveys is largely based on what the color represents, but there are other factors as well. For example, if a theme utilized an abundance of gray, then you would know that you are dealing with a serious, formal topic. It’s also important to look at where the color is used in a theme. If the color is used all over, then you would know that a designer is trying to strongly convey one type of message. On the other hand, if a designer used several different colors, this could mean his or her theme was trying to convey several different messages all at the same time.


Which Type of Design Makes More use of Color?

In short, the image-centered design makes more use of color in the themes. There are the colors of the different parts of the image, the color of the text, etc. Text-centered themes can make use of a lot of colors but are more difficult because there are fewer visuals. All of this goes back to the fact that text-centered and image-centered design themes usually convey different kinds of messages.



We have explored several ways that WordPress themes convey a message. As a quick recap, they convey messages through the style of their design (text-centered or image-centered) and through the use of specific colors. This is not all-inclusive. There are many other ways to convey a message through the themes, but this is a good starting point. Next time you’re on a WordPress website, try thinking about the content mentioned here. You’ll be able to have a better understanding of the type of message that the website is trying to send.

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