Why to Exclude Advertisements from your WordPress Theme

Advertisements are great for increasing the amount of revenue that you derive from a WordPress site; however, some WordPress users simply exclude advertisements in their WordPress themes.

There can be several reasons for this, but one of the main reasons that people exclude advertisements from their WordPress theme is that they have very high-profit margins.

Another reason is that some WordPress users create non-profit websites which are more focused on promoting an idea than generating revenue. In both of these cases, you will find WordPress themes devoid of advertisements.


Not Everyone should Exclude Advertisements in their WordPress Theme

Reasons to Include Advertisements

Before we explore why some people would not want advertisements in their WordPress themes, let’s look at some of the reasons why people would want them. First of all, they can be a great source of passive income. We define passive income as income that you accrue without continually investing your time.

There is some time investment required in terms of setting up WordPress advertisements within your WordPress theme; however, you do not need to continually invest time once the initial setup is complete. There are various resources available that can teach you about the specifics of placing advertisements in a WordPress theme.

Reasons to Include Advertisements

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Besides being a source of passive income, advertisements also provide you with revenue that you can use to grow your business. The products and services you sell will likely be the largest contributor to your revenue; however, supplemental advertisement revenue will definitely help as well.

Lastly, to the well-informed site visitor, advertisements speak to the professionalism of your WordPress site. This is due to the fact that, in order to have advertisements, one must have a certain amount of traffic.


Exclude Advertisements in your WordPress Theme if you have a high-Profit Margin

What sort of Profit Margin Counts as “High”?

Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy way to address this question. You have to take many factors into consideration, such as the profit per item, profit per group of items, etc. One thing you can to do is compare your profit margins to market data in order to find out if you have a high or low-profit margin. There are some easy examples, though. Car manufacturers have higher profit margins than toothpaste companies.

Profit Margins Statistics

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Even with high-Profit Margins, why Exclude Advertisements? Aren’t they an Additional way of Accruing Revenue?

While advertisements can provide supplemental income, you should think about the products and services that you are using your WordPress theme to sell. If you are obtaining high-profit margins, you may be better off just relying on your products or services to provide you with revenue.

This is because advertisements can sometimes divert site visitors away from your goods. What if, for example, you created a very professional WordPress theme that was complete with appropriate advertisements? While it is good to have appropriate ads, you may find that you want to exclude advertisements from your theme because these appropriate ads have a higher likelihood of ads of diverting attention than other kinds of ads. The website visitors may become more interested in the advertiser’s content than your content. However, if your profit margins are low, then you would probably want to keep the ads because the supplemental income derived from the ads is important.

The website visitors may become more interested in the advertiser’s content than your content. However, if your profit margins are low, then you would probably want to keep the ads because the supplemental income derived from the ads is important.

Besides diverting attention toward advertiser content, advertisements (even appropriate ones) have the potential to annoy site visitors. This is especially true when dealing with expensive, high-end products (where the profit margins are usually higher). Sometimes it is better to provide a better user experience instead of trying to maximize supplemental revenue. When you set out to create the best user experience by excluding advertisements from your WordPress theme, you may find that you have more total profit in the end.


Exclude Advertisements in your WordPress Theme if you are a Non-profit

What do you want Visitors to pay Attention to on your Theme?

People have limited attention spans on the internet; they will only pay attention to so much on a WordPress theme. Thus, for non-profits who are trying to send a message, it is imperative that they direct site visitors’ attention toward key content. If visitors are bombarded by advertisements, then they are less likely to heed the message of the non-profit.

Exclude Advertisements in your WordPress Theme if you are a Non-profit

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If non-profits effectively exclude advertisements, then site visitors will pay attention to the key written and visual content on the site. In short, they will read about the non-profit’s message, see their message, and hopefully agree with the message.

If Advertisements are Excluded, then how do Non-profits Raise Money?

Many non-profits still raise money through their WordPress sites. In part of the theme, they include a place for donations. If site visitors really like the content they read and see, they will likely donate. However, if they are distracted or diverted by advertisements, then they may end up on a different site entirely and may not even return to the original non-profit in the future.

Non-profit organizations also rely on grants, meaning that they are in a different situation than for-profit businesses. In some cases, this can mean there is less pressure to constantly be focused on the bottom line. As far as excluding advertisements, this means that the supplemental income that advertisements provide is less important for non-profits who can rely on steady grant funds.

What if a Non-profit Needs Advertisements just to get By?

In some cases, non-profits who are just starting out or who do not get a lot of grants and donations may need to rely on advertisements in order to cover the costs of operating. If this is the case, it would be better to include advertisements on your WordPress theme rather than exclude them. Just ensure the ads are appropriate, on-target, and not obtrusive. The goal (in the long run) should be a transition to excluding advertisements, even if this happens little by little.

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