4 Places to get Free WordPress Customer Service

There are a variety of places where you can get WordPress Customer Service for your site. Some of these options require you to pay money, but other options are free.

Customer Service ranges from other users you in the community forums helping you all the way to professional assistance. Sometimes, amateur customer service is all that is necessary, although you may need professional assistance at other times.

4 Places to get Free WordPress Customer Service

1. WordPress Community Forums

The WordPress community forums are a great resource to get WordPress customer service if you don’t have a WordPress plan that you pay for. In other words, the community forums are free for all WordPress users. Users regularly ask and answer questions in the forums, and there is ample information available. Sometimes you can even find the answer to your question by looking at the questions that have already been asked.

WordPress Customer Service

The customer service “providers” in this case are other WordPress users, although forum moderators occasionally get involved. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. Sometimes other WordPress users understand your problem better than professional customer service representatives. This can also be a good starting place before you consider spending money on professional WordPress customer service.

2. WordPress Chat

The WordPress chat is similar to the WordPress community forums and a variety of people are available to answer questions through it. In fact, if you want to quickly interact with a large number of people, WordPress chat may be a better option than WordPress community forums.

Like the forums, WordPress chat consists of amateur customer service representatives in the form of other WordPress users and a volunteer staff. You may not find the answer to every question here, but this is another good starting point before you pay money for professional customer service.

3. Free WordPress Customer Service Associated with a Premium WordPress Theme

If you are looking for higher quality customer service that is free, you may want to consider investing in a premium WordPress theme. When you do this, you are able to get customer service for free. Once you’ve purchased one of the premium WordPress themes, you will be provided with a convenient way of contacting tech support. Many premium WordPress theme providers have chat available during business hours, while others choose to offer phone or e-mail support.

BloMag Premium Theme

We actually recommend this option if you are interested in obtaining high-quality, convenient, reliable, and free customer support. The previous options for customer support will solve some of your WordPress problems; however, those options aren’t nearly as reliable as the professional customer service you get through investing in a premium WordPress theme. Additionally, with this option, you get a WordPress theme that is guaranteed to look professional.

4. Free WordPress Customer Service Associated with a paid WordPress Account

This option is similar to the last option. If you purchase a paid WordPress account (personal, premium, or business), then you get access to various levels of WordPress customer service. For example, with the personal WordPress plan, you get e-mail and live chat support. At the premium level, you get VideoPress support, which is enhanced WordPress customer service. Note that with these types of WordPress customer service, you are connected directly with a WordPress representative (unlike the first two options).

This can be a good option if you already have a theme you would like to use (and thus don’t need to spend money on a premium WordPress theme). Furthermore, the customer service you get is very reliable because it comes from the makers of WordPress, instead of a third party.


Places to get paid WordPress Customer Service

1. Third Party Sites

Third party sites offer their assistance with all things WordPress-related (for a fee of course). They use similar methods to provide customer service as the other options discussed in this article. For example, some of these third party sites utilize online chat to communicate with WordPress users.

Third party sites will often advise you on a wide variety of different areas, ranging from search engine optimization (SEO) to the integration of new features into your WordPress site.

In addition to offering standard customer service, some of these sites will even work directly on your WordPress site for you. This means that if you have complex development needs, you can use a third party site to go into your WordPress site and make the necessary changes.

2. Local Start-ups

This is a slightly unconventional way to get paid WordPress customer service, but it has its merits. Many local start-ups specialize in development; however, they may not have many clients at first. Thus, some are willing to take on side projects (such as providing you with customer service for your WordPress site) in order to pay their bills.

This is different from working with a third party website because, when you work with a third party site, you often have many guarantees. The third party site may guarantee certain services or guarantee a completion timeframe. When you work with a start-up, there may be less guarantees. However, some start-ups have a lot of expertise that they are willing to share (for a price). They may have just worked out some coding issues in their own website, for example, and thus would be more than willing to capitalize off of their solution.

Before you get too involved with one of these small companies, make sure you set some mutually-understood guidelines. It is important to know exactly what each party expects of the other.

In the end, this may save you a substantial amount of money because third party sites often charge hundreds of dollars (or more) per month). Costs vary with this option, but may be less than some of the other options.

Customer Support for everyone

Basically, there is a WordPress customer support option for everyone. From completely free to costing hundreds or more per month, this article hopefully makes it easy to find WordPress customer service that is within your budget and meets your needs.

If you have another place you want to recommend, share it in the comments section below.

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