What Can you Do in order to get Approved for WordAds?


Let’s learn together what WordAds is as some of us heard about it and others don’t.

The Quick Answer

WordAds is a way to monetize your premium/ business WordPress site. It is the official advertisement package for WordPress, and it markets itself as a program that helps WordPress users focus on creating content (while leaving the advertising specifics up to WordAds). If you don’t have a premium or business WordPress site, you will need to obtain approval in order to have WordAds embedded in your WordPress theme.

The Longer Answer

Once you purchase a premium or business WordPress account, two important things happen. First of all, WordPress.com advertisements are removed and second, you automatically get the opportunity to use WordAds to accrue revenue. There is no approval required when you go this route. However, a premium plan is $8.25/ month (and a business plan is even more), so there is an incentive to get approval for WordAds.

WordAds is a little different from other advertising programs, such as Google AdSense. Both give you some customization options when it comes to advertisements; however, AdSense is known to give you more customization options. WordAds really wants WordPress users to focus on creating content for their WordPress themes and spend less time toying with advertising settings.

A benefit of WordAds is that it doesn’t require self-hosting. In other words, you can create a site through the WordPress website, acquire approval for WordAds, and then start making money. Another benefit of WordAds is that, unlike AdSense, WordAds pays you based on traffic (instead of paying you based on clicks on advertisements, like AdSense does).


I want to get Approved for WordAds—Where do I Start?

Visit some WordPress sites that have Already been Approved


Before you start making changes to your WordPress theme in an attempt to get approval for WordAds, a good idea is to look at some example websites that are running WordAds. Notice how the WordPress users design their sites, where their content is, how their content relates to images, etc. Also see if you can spot the advertisements.

Looking at examples is a good way to start brainstorming about WordPress theme design concepts, but you’ll want to be careful that you aren’t copying any design ideas. You may even want to do a Google search for “WordPress themes” just to get ideas about the different types of themes that people are using. Perhaps the WordPress theme you currently have on your site is perfectly fine, or perhaps you can find one that does a better job of displaying your content.

Understand the Approval Process

There is limited information available on the WordAds approval process. However, we do know that this process can actually take months. Furthermore, not everyone gets approved. You may sit around waiting for an extended period of time, only to find out that you were denied. We will get into the types of things that WordAds considers later in the article. Don’t be deterred, though. Some people have actually gotten approved for WordAds in a matter of weeks.

While you are waiting for approval, we recommend doing everything you can to increase traffic and continue providing high-quality content. These two things, which will be explained in more detail below, are essential to gaining approval.

What are the Next Steps for WordAds Approval?

Quality of Content

Having well-written content is crucial, as they has high standards when it comes to approval. While grammar and tone are important, we recommend that you produce content that exceeds expectations if you are trying to get WordAds approval. This means doing research before you write anything for your WordPress theme. When researching, try to use reliable and credible sources. We recommend looking out for .edu, .gov, and .org sources when you are doing research for the content that will be in your WordPress theme.

Keeping content updated is another important part of quality. Remember how we said it can take months to gain WordAds approval? If the staff viewed your website several times throughout a period of months, wouldn’t you want them to see updates to content based on new developments? Keeping content updated doesn’t necessarily have to mean rewriting existing content; you could just put an editor’s note at the top of the page.

Lastly, ensuring that your content is family-safe is also necessary for WordAds approval. Your WordPress theme should not contain sexual, profane, or other types of content that would be inappropriate for children and colleagues to view.


The official WordPress website underscores the importance of having moderate to high traffic if you are trying to get approved for WordAds.

Creating high quality content is a win-win situations because

  1. it is necessary in order to get approval for WordAds and
  2. it will increase your traffic.

Basically, nobody wants to read repetitive, low-quality content; however, original and interesting content is much more reader-friendly.

Besides creating high quality content, there is more you can do to generate traffic. Promoting your site is important. Think about the relationships you have with other WordPress users—would they consider linking to your site? Perhaps they would if you return the favor. Feel free to reach out to other WordPress users on the web. Make sure to reach out to the ones who are in the same niche as you. For example, if your WordPress theme is filled with information about cars, then consider reaching out to other automotive bloggers.

Last but not least, when trying to generate traffic, think about how you can create something new with your WordPress theme. Earlier we mentioned that you shouldn’t copy other peoples’ exact design ideas. Using the same theme as someone else is acceptable, but you don’t want your website to look like a mirror image of another person’s site. When you create something that is truly unique, it draws the best kind of attention to your site.

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