4 Things to Consider when Monetizing your Blog

People often wonder how monetizing their WordPress blog works. Many guides have already been written about the basics of putting advertisements in a WordPress blog. These guides are somewhat informative, but they are not comprehensive.

If you want to maximize the amount of revenue that you derive from your WordPress blog, then you need to understand what the best areas to put advertisements within a WordPress theme are.

It’s also important to know which areas of a theme are not ideal for ads, and it’s necessary to know that themes with more space for images are better-suited for advertisements. Finally, you must be aware of the fact that it’s necessary to create a balance of content that favors informative content over advertiser content.


Which Areas of a WordPress Theme are best for Monetizing?

Areas of a WordPress Theme are best for Advertisements

1. Right under the Title

Chitika does a fine job of laying out which areas of a WordPress theme are appropriate for advertisements and which areas are not. However, Chitika doesn’t really explain why one area is better than another area. First, consider the ad space that is right under the title of the blog. In a WordPress theme, you would see a space for an image here. This space is ideal because almost every internet reader begins an article by reading over the title of it. People may quickly skim the rest of the contents, but they virtually always read the title. When reading the title, it is easy to see the advertisement that is right under it. The advertisement right under the title shouldn’t distract the reader from the title; it should complement the title. That’s why it’s important to choose a type of advertisement that is attractive, but not distracting.

2. Near the Bottom

Chitika also recommends putting an advertisement near the bottom of the page on a WordPress theme (but not below the comments section). This is a good idea because some readers read through the entire article and then want more information, so they click the advertisement. Other readers skim the whole article and still want additional information, so they will be inclined to click the advertisement at the bottom. Either way, putting advertisements near the bottom of the theme is an effective way to draw attention to them. Also, it’s important to remember that some people scroll through a whole article to see how long it is. When people do this, they may see an advertisement at the bottom that catches their eye.


Which Areas of a WordPress Theme are not ideal for Advertisements?

1. Too close to Images

According to Google, images should not lead to advertisements. Expanding on this, images should not be too close to advertisements in general. If someone clicked on an image and it led to an advertisement, the user might refrain from visiting your website in the future. Some WordPress themes have a lot of space for advertisements and images, and it’s definitely alright to include advertisements and images in your blog. However, when dealing with WordPress themes that provide a lot of space for advertisements and images, or when dealing with any WordPress theme at all, you must keep in mind that there should be adequate space between advertisements and images. You can even test to see if there is adequate space. Do this by going on your blog and click on all of your images. Did you accidentally click an advertisement? Did you almost click an advertisement?

2. Places where the user won’t be Looking

Odds are, the user won’t be looking at the sides of the page very much for blog content. Thus, if you are truly focused on monetizing your blog, then you will want to avoid WordPress themes that only have space for advertisements on the sides. While some people may look at the sides to see if there is any additional information, most people will look at the center of a page.


Themes with more Space for Images are Best

1. More Image Space, less ads, and more Content

More Image Space, less ads, and more Content

Photo by / Serge Kij / CC BY (Attribution required per https://www.flickr.com/photos/zergev/8430388135)

In order to maximize the amount of money you generate from your WordPress blog, you will need to include a fair amount of advertisements (but not too many). With a greater number of advertisements, there is a higher chance that your site visitors will find something that appeals to them. Thus, we recommend choosing a WordPress theme that maximizes the amount of advertisement space available. Just look for themes with many spaces for images (you can easily put advertisements in the image slots). However, when doing this, remember that you should not overload your blog with advertisements, as that could distract visitors. There should be more content than advertisements. Many professional websites, such as CNN, demonstrate a good balance of content and advertisements.

2. Knowing what many Images Means

Before you select an image-centered WordPress theme, you’ll want to understand the type of message that it conveys to the visitors of your blog. For more on this, see this article by WPTable.


The Content-Advertisement Balance Explained

The Content-Advertisement Balance Explained

Photo by / Serge Kij / CC BY (Attribution required per https://www.flickr.com/photos/zergev/14826529051)

Why it Matters

We’ve already touched on the balance between content and advertisements, but it’s worth a bit of explanation. This balance is important because, with a good content-advertisement balance, people will keep returning to your blog. Web users are often turned off by too many monetizing options on a blog or by distracting advertisements. Thus, when deciding on the balance between content and advertisements, remember to consider how many advertisements you’re putting on your blog and what type of ads you’re putting on.

The Balance Explained

In many WordPress themes, there is ample room to put advertisements. Other themes favor written content over visual content. If you are maximizing revenue, you are probably choosing to go with a theme with more space for images advertisements. A simple way to test to see if you have a balance that favors content is to ask someone to read your blog. Ask them what they thought of the content, if there were too many monetizing place or if the advertisements got in the way of the content, etc.

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