5 Reasons why WordPress is a Better Choice than Squarespace

Simply put, WordPress and Squarespace are competitors. WordPress is open source and was founded in 2003. Squarespace is not open-source and was also created in 2003. Neither platform is perfect, but there are some key differences that are worth highlighting. We will go through several reasons why WordPress is a better Choice than Squarespace in this article.

WordPress is open source and was founded in 2003. Squarespace is not open-source and was also created in 2003. Neither platform is perfect, but there are some key differences that are worth highlighting. We will go through several reasons why WordPress is a better choice than Squarespace in this article.

Why is WordPress a Better Option?

1. Open Nature of WordPress

We already mentioned that WordPress is open-source, which means anyone can view the code for it and can develop themes, plugins, etc. for it.

This creates a truly open environment which benefits WordPress users. While there may be some plugins that are of low quality, there are many that are high quality. With so many plugins to choose from, WordPress users can find exactly what they are looking for (even for niche sites).

Squarespace does not have as many plugins as WordPress.

Plugins are not the only benefit of working with WordPress’s open source platform. WordPress developers often share theme templates, meaning that WordPress users have a wide variety of themes to choose from. Just like with plugins (where there is basically a plugin for everyone), there is also a WordPress theme for everyone. Squarespace, on the other hand, has a limited number of themes compared to WordPress.

Finally, the open community that WordPress users engage in is reflected in the technical support offered. A common way of finding free support is on the WordPress forums. Basically, people post questions and get answers. Although every question may not be answered, the fact that the forums exist and that so many users engage with them attests to the open nature of the WordPress world.

2. WordPress is Free

Many WordPress users are just getting into the website creation business and they are not ready to pay $144 per year (or more) for Squarespace. A major reason why we prefer WordPress to Squarespace is that WordPress has a free option. While you may not be able to derive revenue from a free WordPress site, you are still able to share your ideas and your brand.

WordPress Free

It’s also worth mentioning that WordPress’s paid plans are a lot cheaper than Squarespace’s. So, if you do decide you would like to monetize your WordPress site, you can save a lot of money by going through WordPress. Additionally, while Squarespace offers a 14 day free trial, you get an unlimited free trial of standard WordPress. This means that you can get a lot of experience with WordPress before you decide to upgrade. In other words, you can explore all of the different themes, plugins, community forums, and other features that WordPress has to offer. In general, businesses that are sure of their product allow users to test it for a long time before enticing them to make any purchase decisions.

3. WordPress has its own Built-in Advertising program (WordAds)

According to Squarespace, if you want to insert advertisements into your website, then you’ll need to deal with custom code. WordAds does not make you deal with custom code. In fact, they handle a large portion of the advertising for you. You still get some options with regard to advertising through WordAds, though.

When you use WordAds, you can spend more time focusing on building your site (and less time modifying custom code). This means you can do things like make your site more user friendly, explore different theme options, etc.

For those WordPress users who genuinely enjoy toying with code, WordPress’s robust platform allows for many coding modifications. Thus, instead of trying to figure out the best place to put code for advertisements, you can modify the code that matters more.

4. WordPress Offers more Payment Options (for e-commerce Sites)

WordPress allows you to accept a wide variety of payment types on your e-commerce site (even Bitcoin). Additionally, WordPress doesn’t limit the countries you can accept payment from. Squarespace does limit the countries that you can accept payment from, and Squarespace also limits the amount of products you can sell. If you sell a certain number of products, you will have to upgrade to a more expensive plan.

Reaching a global customer base, accepting a wider variety of payments, and not being limited in terms of the number of products you can sell is vital to a successful e-commerce website.

WordPress Themes

As an added bonus, WordPress even has a large selection of e-commerce themes available for WordPress users. In sum, WordPress is a Better Choice than Squarespace because makes e-commerce easier and more effective.

5. There are many more WordPress sites than Squarespace Sites

When it comes to sheer popularity, WordPress wins hands-down. According to one website, Squarespace has 1 million+ websites. That’s definitely a lot; however, WordPress has over 75 million sites. At some point, website-builder users may want to connect with one another to share insights about their sites, network, etc. This type of collaboration is a lot easier when you are using a platform that 75 million other people are on. This type of collaboration becomes more difficult when you are using Squarespace or another less-popular site-builder.

Another benefit of WordPress’s popularity is that there is a great number of resources on the web. We’ve already mentioned the WordPress forums and these are very useful. In addition to the forums, WordPress users have created countless websites aimed at helping other WordPress users. These websites range from help with themes and plugins to custom code assistance. Remember earlier how we stated that there is a theme and plugin for everyone? The same applies to WordPress help—there is WordPress help available on the web for almost any type of issue that may arise in website creation.

Yes, WordPress is a Better Choice than Squarespace

No matter which kind of website you are creating, WordPress is a better choice than Squarespace. From community engagement to variety of content available, WordPress is a clear winner. We encourage you to sign up for a free WordPress account if you haven’t already. See some of the things we’ve talked about in action.

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